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  • A designer’s pet (low-res) monitor

    Like so many in our line of work, I keep more than one monitor on my desk (or attached to the wall, depending on the office). Until recently, part of my monitor array consisted of an aged 4×3 that would have embarrassed my kids. That monitor was a reminder that not everyone works in digital […]

  • The Rules

    This might be worth expanding… Doctor Strange Rule Put the warning before the spell. Digital context? Do like the design system folks and put the guidance before the sample code (so perhaps developers will read it!). Don’t do like some other design systems and put the guidance after the code. In email, no one […]

  • Accessibility and the hitbox

    Just a quick note to reflect on something I came across this morning, a “card” on a government website with a link to accessibility information. The page itself is pretty accessible. HTML_CodeSniffer gives it just 3 red flags at WCAG 2.0 AA — and Lighthouse gives it a 92. So, why am I bugged? For […]

  • Hot and cold running Fireball?

    Last night, I clicked the install button for WordPress on this humble website. Some touching-up is in order, no doubt; but what was most on my mind was a question: Is this really a good idea? Possibly! But a bar with hot and cold running Fireball seems like a good idea, too — at least […]